T.F. Green Airport is an international aiport that services Warwick, Rhode Island. Every year, thousands of travelers skip the PVD Airport parking situation and instead, park with us. We offer affordable parking within walking distance to the terminal, so you won’t have to worry about transportation to or from the airport.

Here, we share some of our favorite fun facts about T.F. Green Airport:

  1. T.F. Green Airport was named for former Rhode Island governor and longtime senator Theodore Francis Green.
  2. Just six miles south of Providence, Green Airport opened in 1931 and was originally called Hillsgrove State Airport.
  3. On November 3, 1972, President Richard Nixon made a stop at the airport during his campaign and spoke to around 10,000 people who gathered to watch.
  4. From 1942-1945, the Army Air Force took control of T.F. Green Airport and used it for flight training during World War II.
  5. Green Airport is also known as PVD and was the first state-owned airport in the U.S.
  6. The top three busiest routes from the airport include Baltimore, Maryland; Orlando, Florida; and Charlotte, North Carolina.
  7. There are 13 airlines that service Green Airport, including JetBlue, Southwest, United, and more.
  8. Every year, T.F. Green Airport sees more than 3.5 million passengers in traffic.

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