Welcome to the Red Beam Garage C!


Here are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully this helps answer yours and makes your stay with us a smooth and easy experience.

  TF Green Airport Parking FAQs

Does Red Beam provide shuttle transportation? No, Red Beam does not provide shuttle transportation because the garage is adjacent to the airport. We are just a short, 3-minute, covered walk to the terminal.


How can I find my way back to the garage? You will walk back to the garage the same way you got to the terminal. Follow the wayfinding signs for Garages A and B. You will walk through Garages A and B. The Red Beam Garage C will immediately follow Garage B.


What is the best way to get to the garage? Enter the airport property from Airport Road and follow the signs for “Arrivals”. Dropping off guests? At the light, take a right to go through the arrivals tunnel. The members of your group can walk right into the center of the terminal. After dropping off, continue straight around the circle and Red Beam Garage C will be on your right. Drop Off and Drive In.

Please make sure you are using the entrance on T.F. Green Airport Connector Road, our Post Road entrance is currently closed.


Reservation Questions:

What if I don’t have a printer? Do I still have to print my PVD Airport parking reservation before arriving at the garage? No, you can show us the reservation on your phone as well!


Does the garage have handicap PVD Airport parking available? Yes, we have spaces available on every floor of our well-lit garage.


Do I have to book a reservation before arriving at the garage? No, you do not. We welcome everyone and will provide you a ticket upon entrance. However, making a reservation does guarantee a space within the garage. If we are at capacity, only travelers with a reservation are guaranteed a space. We also cannot guarantee specific spaces to customers. They are first come, first served. This includes handicap spaces and covered spaces.

If you’d like to make a reservation before entering the garage, please do so here. or on the mobile app. We cannot take reservations over the phone.


What happens if I stay longer than my reservation indicates? What happens if I come back sooner? If you stay longer, we will just charge you for the additional days. If you come back sooner, we will refund you.

Need to extend your current reservation? If you need to park in the garage longer than your reservation, you are more than welcome. Unfortunately, we cannot accept multiple reservations so you’ll just have to pay the additional amount upon exiting the garage.

Cancellation policy: We do ask for 24 hour notice, however; if your travel plans change and you do not park in the garage, we can absolutely refund you for the full amount. If your dates of travel change you can still use your same reservation voucher, our PVD Airport parking system will automatically adjust the parking days for you.

Are the parking rates based on 24 hour days? Yes. The parking rates are structured to start when you pull a ticket or when our attendant scans your reservation barcode. Your time is calculated from the beginning of your check-in to the time of your exit, not by the calendar date.


Is it a requirement to make a reservation in order to sign up/take advantage of the loyalty program? You do not need to make a reservation to be a loyalty member. To sign up for the click here. Making a reservation with your Park for Peanuts loyalty account allows for express entrance and exit, since your loyalty account is already connected to the reservation.

Is the price different if you do not make a reservation ahead of time and just pull into the garage? No, the price is the same for reservations made ahead of time or customers that choose to just drive into the lot.

What are my PVD Airport parking payment options? Payments can be made with your credit card or debit card.

How do I redeem my free day? You need to be sure that you are logged in to your Park for Peanuts Rewards Account prior to requesting a quote for the reservation. Once the quote appears a drop down menu will show to redeem your free day. This will adjust the price and you can then move forward with payment. We do not automatically include the free day as some guests prefer to save them for a longer stay.

What is the clearance height for the garage? Our clearance height to enter garage is 8’4 and 7’0 going up levels.

When are my Frequent Parking Program points credited to my account? Your points and free day will be credited to your account after you make your payment and after exiting the garage.