Who doesn’t love the ease of an Uber or a Lyft ride? You make a call, you get picked up and you’re driven to where you need to be. It’s easy. It’s also perceived to be cost-effective. But when it comes to flying out of T.F. Green Airport (soon to be rebranded as Rhode Island International Airport), is taking an Uber or a Lyft the least expensive option, compared to parking your car at the airport?

The answer depends on a couple of factors. First, is where you park. Garage A and Garage B are expensive. We’re talking up to $28 per day. You read that right. $28. Per. Day.


At our T.F. Green Airport parking facility, however, it’s much easier on the wallet. For $9.95 per day, you can pretty much park for peanuts at the Beam. It’s a great value, but is it a better value than Uber or Lyft?

Let’s look at what a typical airport stay entails. Our average length of stay is around 5 days. A 5-day quote from Red Beam Garage C comes out to about $55, inclusive of tax. No tip necessary, in a covered garage, and your vehicle is right there waiting for you. Not too shabby, huh?

Remember we said above “a couple of factors”? The other factor to consider in this little exercise is distance. Let’s say you live in Attleboro and want to fly out of T.F. Green Airport instead of Logan because flights are generally less expensive. Well, you are looking at rates starting at $96 roundtrip for Uber or Lyft, not including driver tip or the fee that drivers must pay to wait for you. And remember, you like less expensive. Well, then, $55 sounds much better than $96, doesn’t it?

Next time you consider taking an Uber or Lyft to T.F. Green Airport, before you make a decision, be sure you get a quote in advance for all of your options. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it comes to the affordability of the T.F. Green Airport parking at Red Beam Garage C.