Many travelers turn to websites like Kayak, Orbitz, or Expedia to book a flight, however, there’s another option: Google Flights. If you haven’t yet tried Google Flights, our Rhode Island Airport parking company suggests doing so. In addition to being able to check one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flights, here are three benefits to using the search service:

New Destination Ideas

Are you someone who loves discovering new places? Google Flights can help you do so. With their “Explore Destinations” feature, you can browse flights that travel to thousands of destinations around the world. Simply enter your departing airport and the dates you wish to travel. Then, use the map to find out the prices of flights to cities on every continent. Once you click on a city and choose “View Flights,” you’ll get a list of the best flights available and a list of other flights for you to choose from.

Flight Insights

Our Rhode Island Airport parking company loves that once you choose a departing airport, a destination, and your dates, Google Flights gives you four more ways to help you save money: Dates: Google will tell you if the dates you’ve selected are the cheapest and if not, it will give you a block of dates (three days before and three days after) to show you other prices. Price Graph: Here, you’ll find a graph that breaks down the price for a month-long span of dates so you can see which are the most affordable. Airports: Google will compare the flight prices of other destination airports nearby so you get the best price possible. Tips: Here, you’ll find a list of tips for when you should book your flight, available airfare upgrades, a city travel guide, a link for the Google Trips app, and more.

Easy Flight Price Tracking

When you use another popular search service, you’ll likely have to create an account in order to track flight prices. After you create the account, many websites don’t make it easy to set up your tracking and may bombard you with unwanted emails. With Google Flights, however, you likely already have a Gmail account, so all you need to do is toggle the “Track prices” button and Google will start tracking the flight and send you email updates for when they rise or fall. After you book your next trip using Google Flights, don’t forget to make a parking reservation at our Rhode Island Airport parking company. We’ll make your trip even better by giving you a safe, secure place to park at a great price!