5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Flying

There are many reasons a fear of flying exists – for some, it’s the thought of being 30,000 feet above ground; for others, it’s more of a claustrophobia issue. But no matter the reason, a fear of flying can keep you from going to some amazing places. Here, our near Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport parking members share some things you can do to bite the bullet and jet-set to somewhere exciting:


Meditation helps you turn your attention to your thoughts and control your focus. By meditating regularly, you can avoid the negative scenarios you associate with the idea of flying and instead, focus on relaxing and enjoying the ride. Meditation can be a simple, clear silence or you can do something like counting to 1,000 or recite the alphabet backwards to focus your mind elsewhere.

Understand Turbulence

Many people with a fear of flying don’t understand what causes turbulence and say that the bouncing and shifting that it causes is one of the scariest parts of the flight. Understanding turbulence can help you ease your mind:

Turbulence isn’t the result of the engine stalling and hitting turbulence doesn’t mean the plane’s wings are going to fall off – it’s a very normal situation that occurs when the plane flies through small pockets of air created by jet streams. Jet streams are commonly found at 30,000 and 40,000 feet (the average height at which a jet flies) and are thought of as simple “bumps in the road.”

Reduce Claustrophobia

If the thought of being stuck inside a plane fuselage for hours on end gives you anxiety, there are ways to cope with it while you’re in the air. Sitting can make things feel compact, so do yourself a favor – get up and walk around regularly (this can also help circulation). In addition, you can opt for a seat with more legroom, like one in the exit row or towards the front of the plane.


Being awake during a flight will only bring up the nervousness you feel towards flying, so one of the easiest things you can do is sleep through it. Try booking a flight that takes place during the hours you would usually sleep (like early in the morning or late at night) or turn to a natural sleep like melatonin or the smell of lavender.

Separate Fear and Danger

Anxiety and fear are often tied together; when a person gets anxious, their body often reacts the same way it does when they’re in danger. In order to calm yourself down, it’s important to remember your anxiety is caused by fear, not danger. You may think flying is dangerous, but it’s actually safer than if you were to drive. In fact, the odds of you experiencing a plane crash is around 1 in 11 million.

Once you feel like you have a handle on your fear, buy that plane ticket and make your near Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport parking reservation with Red Beam Garage!